Buddy “L” Tugboat & Barge

The Buddy “L” Tugboat is a one of a kind tugboat! Hurry and order your Buddy “L” Tugboat Replica before they are no longer produced!

You can now own the legendary 1928 Buddy “L” Tugboat that captured the dreams and imagination of children of all ages, tirelessly recreated to the smallest detail.

Call Us At 423-946-0263 to order your Buddy “L” Tugboat!

Buddy “L” Barge

Also, see the barge below which is 36″ Length, 13″ Wide and 4.5″ Tall. The barge is constructed from 20 gauge sheet metal and weighs approximately 11lbs. The barge is capable of transporting/hauling trucks, cars, etc. You can also use it at your bar for entertainment purposes. Make your own diorama with different loads on the barge such as: “flivvers”.., oil drums,  sand or gravel, barrels, bar (adult beverages), lumber, animals, or whatever you can imagine including Santa Clause. Please call us for pricing information on the barge.