Train Accessories

If there are any additional items you are interested in we may have them or can acquire them for you. You can also see a larger view of any item by simply clicking on it.

Water Tower

 B-(Octagon-Footprint),  12”x12”, H-22, Weight-20lbs., Const. material –20 ga. Steel.

Item Number: 901-W

Price: $395

Switch Tower

B (footprint)- 22” x 11” , H-22, Weight 20lbs., Const. Mat.-20 ga. Steel. Note: Objects in background of Switch Tower not included.

Item Number: 3006-ST

Price: $475

Open Side Pier

L-7” , W-4” 3/4”, H-61/2”

Item Number: 1003-P

Price: $95 ea.

Closed Side Pier

H-6” , L-7 1/2”, W-4, all steel construction

Item Number: 1003-P

Price: $45 ea.

Freight / Passenger Loading Platform

L: 33-1/2” , W: 11” H: 14” NOTE: Barrels / Track not Included.

Item Number: 3010-FP

Price: $395 ea.

48″ Open Trestle Bridge

L-48” , H-5 1/2 “, W-6 3/8 strong enough to walk on.

Item Number: 1001-B

Price: $495 ea.

Stationary Wrecking Crane

Working Boom raises and lowers, turns 360 degrees for a full circle. There are two operating hooks (1 single and 1 double). Footprint 12” x12”, Weight 20 lbs. All steel const. Note: Objects in the background of crane not included.

Item Number: SWC

Price: $550 ea.

Block Signal

Comes with control to change lights. NOTE: Track not included.

Height: 12”

Item Number: 902-S

Price: $295 ea.

Coal Tipple (Coal Tower)

B-13” X 13”, H-24”, Weight 30lbs., Const. Mat.-18 & 16 ga. cold rolled steel. NOTE: Train, Track, and Coal Hoisting Tipple are not included.

Item Number: 3005-CT


Coal Hoisting Tower

This is the companion piece to the coal tipple as pictured in the brochure/website.

Height: 37”, Foot Print: 11” X 11” , Weight: 25lbs.

We have chutes. See parts page for details.

Item Number: 3005-CHT


Single Stall Engine House (Available In Red And Grey)

Single Stall Engine House will hold both Engine & Tender with total length of 43”

Length : 46” , Height: 19” , Width 13-1/2” Weight: 42 lbs

Item Number: 3008

Price: $550 ea.